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Structural engineering

What Revit users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Revit to create higher quality buildings.


Image of Buro Happold building the FIFA World Cup 2014 stadium with the help of Revit and Robot Structural Analysis software

Buro Happold: A signature stadium

Buro Happold, a multidisciplinary design and engineering consultancy, used a combination of Revit and Robot Structural Analysis software to create a distinctive stadium that was host to some of the world’s most widely viewed sporting events during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

"Revit software helps us to be very fluid when we are exploring forms and working with the architects. There is a definite advantage in being able to cycle through design iterations and produce information that can be used very quickly by the rest of the team."

—Cristobal Correa, Associate Principal, Buro Happold

Buro Happold customer story (US Site)

Odeh Engineers using BIM to construct the MassArts residential hall in Boston

Odeh Engineers, Inc.: Dealing with difficult conditions

Odeh Engineers, Inc. is a full-service structural engineering consulting firm specializing in the design, analysis, and evaluation of commercial, industrial, and institutional building structures. They used Revit on the structurally challenging Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) residence hall in downtown Boston.

"Our firm relies on Autodesk BIM (US Site) solutions to help us deliver the highest level of service to our clients. BIM leads to better coordination, improved visualization, and higher quality construction documentation."

—David J. Odeh, Principal, Odeh Engineers, Inc.

Image of the WASA/Studio A Life Recovery Center constructed with help from Revit software

Luckett & Farley: Winning more work with Revit

Luckett & Farley engineers recently had an opportunity to push the limits of their expertise with BIM. They used Revit to help complete a time-pressured, high-demand job where their work could help their client prevent losing millions of dollars in revenue per day.

"With help from BIM, Autodesk Revit, and point cloud technology, we were able to put together accurate construction documents and meet our client’s schedule. We could not have done this project in any other way without significantly impacting the overall process."

—Gregory Buccola, Director of Structural Marketing, Luckett & Farley

Luckett & Farley customer story (US Site)