Info360 Plant: Advanced reporting and analytics

Operational intelligence for water and wastewater treatment plants 

Why use Info360 Plant?

Advanced analytics

Tools designed by experts for insights into your treatment process

One source of truth

Combine, clean, manage, and share data and analysis with workspaces for any persona


Monitor and report performance for compliance, energy, and waste 

Optimization prep

Identify opportunities for artificial intelligence and prepare your plant for optimization

What you can do with Info360 Plant

Easily and securely access your data in the cloud

Streamline data access by combining sensor readings, lab results, and plant operational data with industry-specific metrics and KPIs in visualizations personalized for you. Securely share and access all the information your team needs from any browser.

Improve plant operations and level of service

Improve your facility’s performance by utilizing interactive process flow diagrams and personalized workspaces. Monitor, alert, analyze, and visualize system efficiencies so that you can better manage unexpected issues and meet or exceed objectives.

Automatically track data and generate compliance reports

Save time, effort, and reduce the need for spreadsheet management with automated calculation and formatting tools built to overcome dynamic regulatory requirements and generate compliance reports for approval.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Info360 Plant used for?

Info360 Plant is used for advanced monitoring and analysis, managing and mitigating operational risks, delivering consistent and efficient reporting, and justifying facility improvements—all on a single workspace. Info360 Plant is a cloud-based operational analytics solution within the Info360 platform, tuned specifically for water and wastewater treatment plants to improve real-time data analyses and workflows associated with performance, compliance, and improvement planning.

Who uses Info360 Plant?

Info360 Plant is used by water and wastewater plant operations within water utilities and industries with heavy water usage. Individuals and teams include operations, project managers, engineering services, compliance managers, operations managers, engineers, on-site staff, and executive-level decision makers alongside experts from trusted consulting companies and industry specialists.

Does Info360 Plant connect with Info360 Insight?

Info360 Plant interoperates with Info360 Insight for operational analytics of water and sewage networks within the Info360 platform. Extend your view and analysis upstream and downstream from the treatment facility with an additional subscription to Info360 Insight, enabling use of network analytics and water simulation models for supply and demand flow analysis.

Support and learning

Get Info360 Plant documentation, tutorials, downloads, and support.