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Deliver optimized designs and documentation

Accelerate design, optimization, and documentation of road network and bridge projects. Work with an intelligent model-based approach for surface and corridor modeling, drainage layout, and plans production.

Image courtesy of WSP

Road design

What you can do with Civil 3D

  • Survey

    Download, create, analyze, and adjust survey data. Streamline the transfer of field-captured data to the office. (video: 16 sec.)

  • Corridor modeling

    Create dynamic, flexible 3D models of road corridors. Simulate driving through the corridor and visually evaluate sight distance and influence analysis. (video: 35 sec.)

  • Intersection design

    Create dynamic models of 3-way (T-shaped) or 4-way intersections. Model roundabouts according to standards that blend with existing or planned roads. (video: 10 sec.)

  • Drainage design

    Perform storm water management tasks, including storm sewer design. Define pipeline paths, optimized with hydraulics/hydrology analysis. (video: 10 sec.)

  • Road rehabilitation

    Automate assembly generation for your rehab corridor design model. Optimize mill and overlay to balance costs vs. performance. (video: 57 sec.)

  • Design automation

    Use visual programming to generate re-usable scripts that automate repetitive and complex tasks. (video: 1:28 min.)

  • Materials and quantities

    Use materials information to create reports for volumes along an alignment, comparing design and existing ground surfaces, and quantity takeoff. (video: 20 sec.)

  • Plan production and documentation

    Create plan production sheets that automatically display station ranges of alignments and profiles that are based on predefined areas along an alignment. (video: 24 sec.)


Connect other Autodesk products for road network design.

  • Civil 3D + ReCap Pro + InfraWorks + Dynamo

    Create conceptual design in-context, complete detailed design, and automate repetitive tasks. (video: 2:42 min.)

  • Civil 3D + InfraWorks + Revit

    Use parametric modeling tools to better coordinate multidiscipline teams on bridge projects. (video: 2:56 min.)

See how people are using Civil 3D for road design

Aerial view of an urban area with expressways, high-rise buildings, and a body of water


Speeding up a complex interchange project

BIM helps deliver a multi-layered solution to a major highway reconstruction project in China.

Image courtesy of Chongqing Architectural Design Institute of China

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