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Game design tools for game developers

Build bigger beautiful worlds and more realistic characters that can delight players by giving your artists all the 3D tools they need to keep creating in the most efficient way.

Image courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios

Get the entire collection for


per year, single-user access
(multi-user access also available)

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How the collection helps your business

Have all the necessary 3D tools at your fingertips

Hiring flexibility

It’s easier to hire different types of artists to create assets for your game when you can provide access to the 3D tools they need.

Create your 3D animations with ease

Artistic freedom

With a variety of 3D tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection, your artists can create 3D content with whichever tool is best suited for their task.

Arnold and Bifrost will help you scale

Cutscene and simulation power

Expand your ability to render beautiful cutscenes and produce complex simulations for your game with Arnold and Bifrost in the Media & Entertainment Collection.

Image courtesy of Lee Griggs

Included tools for games workflows

Advanced animation tools for the most demanding characters

Powerful modeling tools to build massive game worlds

Dedicated rigging and animation tools for motion capture pipelines

Get 5 Arnold licenses to produce blockbuster-quality cutscenes

Bifrost extension for Maya

Get 15 Bifrost engine entitlements to run simulations on a computer farm

Introducing Bifrost for Maya (1:57 min.)

Create procedural simulations with Bifrost

Each Media & Entertainment Collection subscription includes 15 entitlements to the Bifrost engine, so studios can run Bifrost-created simulations on a compute farm. The Bifrost Graph Editor is a plug-in for Maya with a visual programming environment for creating VFX. Get 3D tools, run more simulations, and produce more content.  

See how products in the collection work together

  • Get all your creative tools in one place

  • Render beautiful cutscenes and trailers

  • Sculpt and paint intricate detail

  • 3ds Max + Maya + Arnold + Mudbox + ReCap Pro + SketchBook (video: 2:06 min.)

  • Maya + Arnold (video: 1:08 min.)

  • Maya + Mudbox (video: 4:21 min.)

How do successful VFX studios grow?

Download the guide to learn about our customers' 4 low-risk opportunities for growth—scale, staffing, services, and specialization—that smaller studios can employ by maximizing the creative tools in your existing workflow.

Image courtesy of Oats Studios