Take control in Autodesk Account

Manage and customize your Autodesk subscriptions with just a few clicks. Autodesk Account offers self-service options so you can make changes any time.

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Autodesk Account self-service benefits

  • Synchronize your subscriptions

    Align your subscription payment dates to simplify budgeting and planning.

    Align my dates

  • Scale to fit your needs

    Add seats to your subscriptions as you need them and enjoy prorated pricing.

    Add seats

  • Change your term anytime

    Move to a monthly, annual, or 3-year term without losing your special renewal pricing.

    Change my term

Frequently asked questions

Self-service management features in Autodesk Account are not available in all countries. They’re also not available for maintenance plans, products processed through Digital River, products bought through a reseller, or discontinued products.

In addition, some products, such as Fusion, do not yet have self-service options available.

If these options are not visible to you in Autodesk Account, or the button options are grayed out, this indicates that self-service options aren’t currently available.

To make adjustments to your subscription, please contact support.

Yes! If you change from one term to another, you’ll still enjoy the benefit of special renewal pricing*—typically, 10% less than you’d pay for a new subscription—if you renew before your subscription expires. However, if you let your subscription expire and purchase a new one, your price will be about 10% higher. You’ll save money if you stay on continuous subscription instead of letting a subscription expire and buying new. And you’ll keep that savings even if you select a new term in Autodesk Account.

Example: You have a Maya LT subscription with a 1-year term that will renew at $250/seat, paid annually. If you change to a 3-year term, you’d be paying $675/seat when that change happens, paid every 3 years. If you let your original 1-year subscription lapse and purchase a new 3-year subscription, you’d be paying $755/seat, paid every 3 years.

Similarly, if you change your 1-year Maya LT subscription to a monthly term you’d pay $30/seat when that change happens, paid monthly. If you let your original 1-year subscription lapse and purchase a new monthly subscription, you’d pay $35/seat each month.

* Special renewal pricing is based on Autodesk’s suggested retail price (excluding tax, shipping and handling fees) and excludes discounts and promotions. The percentage of savings may vary due to the impacts of currency fluctuations.

If the option for changing your term is not visible or is grayed out, self-service term changes are not available for this subscription in Autodesk Account.

To make adjustments to your subscription, please contact support.

To align payment dates for multiple subscriptions, they must each have the same term length and payment method. You can adjust the term lengths and change your payment methods so they all match, then proceed with aligning your payment dates.

If the Align Payment Dates option is grayed out, self-service is not available for your subscriptions.

To make adjustments to your subscription, please contact support.

This feature is not available in all regions. If the Add Seats option doesn’t appear in your account, your subscription may not be eligible for self-service seat management. Please contact your reseller or contact support for assistance.

Yes, you can add seats to your eligible subscription at any time. The cost of the seat will be prorated based on the time remaining on your existing subscription. All seats will renew at the next subscription renewal date.

You can access technical support in a way that works best for you—choose phone, online chat, email, or remote desktop assistance to resolve your issues. See all your support options.

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