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Make it with Maya

Bring your imagination to life with Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. Maya helps artists tell their story with one fast, creative toolset.

Maya Vision Series

Maya is developed by some of the most creative minds in the industry. Learn how their vision translates into every release of Maya and how they’re empowering individual artists and studios around the world.


Warren Trezevant and Daryl Obert


Marcus Nordenstam

Cloud rendering with ZYNC

Todd Prives and Matt Silverman

Virtual production

Ben Guthrie and David Morin

What's new

Arnold in Maya

Use the integrated Arnold renderer to help solve your most complex rendering problems.

Motion Graphics toolset

Quickly create complex, beautiful procedural effects with instanced objects.

Time Editor

Make high-level animation edits with a nondestructive, clip-based, nonlinear editor.

3 reasons to try Shotgun

Visual effects and animation studios of all sizes use Shotgun production tracking software to stay connected to each other and to their projects. Here’s why you should try Shotgun.


1. Maya integration with Shotgun

Quickly see relevant task information in Maya with the new Shotgun panel.


2. Review tools

Stay connected with your team—no matter where you are—with simple visual tools and mobile workflows.


3. Support

Shotgun’s dedicated global support team is ready whenever you have questions.

Making Maya faster

Read a white paper about Parallel Maya, the technology behind the vastly improved animation performance in Maya. Or, watch that same paper—visualized—and see how Parallel Maya works.

 ZYNC Render
New service provides faster cloud rendering.

Case studies

Kung Fury and Fido: The untold story

Swedish VFX house Fido worked with director David Sandberg to transform his viral, crowd-funded project into an award-nominated short film. Keys to Fido’s success? Creativity, passion, and the ability to scale with Autodesk subscription.

"I think we doubled the amount [of Maya licenses] in a short period of time, which was a great way of not stopping the project or stopping the process."

—Claes Dietmann, Executive Producer

Kung Fury © Laser Unicorns 2015. Image courtesy of Fido.

The Story of Milk VFX

Episode 2: Creative Milk

This London-based VFX company won, in its first year in business, a British Academy Television Craft Award for its work on “The Day of the Doctor,” a special episode of the British science fiction TV show Doctor Who.

"All of our artists, in some form or another, know Maya and use Maya. . . . So if someone’s stuck or someone’s got some knowledge that another person hasn’t, we can share information very easily."

—Dom Alderson, Lead Lighting and Lookdev Artist

Doctor Who © BBC/BBC Worldwide 2015. Image courtesy of Milk VFX.

Expert advice and learning

Free software for students and educators

Download free software. Get started in Maya with step-by-step resources to help you create and animate characters.